We are Chuck and Wendy Lavigne.  We live on three acres in Brigden, Ontario.
We share our lives with our three terrific kids (Jordyn, Kallie and Riley),
three Shiloh Shepherds, and our tabby cat Oliver.

Our love of Shiloh Shepherds began several years ago when we were
looking to add another dog to our family.  We knew we wanted a
Shepherd and my search brought me to Miracle Shilohs and Jan Burke.

After two years of talking to Jan and being a show groupie,
Taggert joined our family in 2006.

Everyone told me that Shilohs are like Lays potato chips and that
"You can't have just one."  Well... they were right!
Just five months later, we added Kisla to our family.

Our first litter arrived on May 23, 2009.
We co-own our pick from that litter... the lovely Teeka!

Alchemy joined our family in early 2011.

Now we look forward to bringing the joy of a Shiloh to more loving homes.

Enjoy checking out our web site!

We hope it is the first stop on your journey to being "owned by a Shiloh."

The Lavigne Gang

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