Rest In Peace, Dear Friend!

Seeger was a pound rescue that joined our family in 2001.
He had been pretty badly abused, but became the biggest marshmallow.
He was a wonderful member of our family!

Seeger never met a person or animal that he didn't like
...well, except for the mice in our yard.

When we began our search for another dog to add to our family
we went looking for one similar to Seeger in temperament and structure.
(he was very big boned with a straight topline).

Everyone that met our Seeger fell in love!

Enjoy checking out his photo gallery.

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Fall 2009 July 2009 With Kisla's Puppies! June 2009
Kisla & Seeger
April 2009
September 2008 Summer 2008 January 2008
Fall 2007 Seeger & Riley
September 2006
Seeger & Taggert
September 2006
August 2006
Seeger & Taggert
August 2006
Seeger, Riley & Taggert
August 2006
Jordyn & Seeger
July 2006
Seeger & Kallie
July 2006
  August 2005 Seeger & Riley
August 2004
Seeger & Riley
August 2004
Have a wonderful time over the Rainbow Bridge,
our big and beautiful friend.
We miss you every day!

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